The Labia Library

Women's Health Victoria
Published: September 2013

Ever wondered if your vagina is normal? The Labia Library is Women’s Health Victoria’s award-winning health literacy resource for women and health professionals.

Women’s Health Victoria has developed The Labia Library to bust a few common myths about how normal labia look. After seeing media reports about women seeking female genital cosmetic surgery, we became worried that this type of surgery was increasing because many people have no idea what healthy female genitals actually look like.

There is a photo gallery that displays unaltered photos of women’s genitalia showing you just how unique everyone is. This resource also supports positive body image for women and provides information, facts and referral to services in Victoria.

The Labia Library is part of a bigger project that aims to make sure women who are thinking about female genital cosmetic surgery are properly informed and receive care that is safe and based on evidence.

Access The Labia Library here


Women's Health Victoria (2013) The Labia Library. Women's Health Victoria. Melbourne. Available from

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